Uber Bomb Jump

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Uber Bomb Jump

An uber bomb jump (UBJ) is a bomb jump in the '5 bomb' family. The '5 bomb' family of bomb jumps all rely on 'burning' a bomb before beginning the jump, so your bomb counter refills halfway through the jump and enables you to use 2 extra bombs.

Compared to the High Bomb Jump, a UBJ begins the same as an HBJ except the last two bombs are placed in quick secession to simulate a mid-air double bomb jump. The video below shows an example in the room Elite Control Access.

The video below showcases the optimal A press timing for a UBJ.

Mini Uber Bomb Jump

A mini uber bomb jump (mini ubj) is a variation on the UBJ which lays only 4 bombs instead of 5. this bomb jump has the same timing as the UBJ except only lays 2 of the first 3 bombs.

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