Bomb Guardian

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Bomb Guardian is a Sub-Guardian found in Agon Temple in Agon Wastes. It guards the Morph Ball Bomb.

General Information

  • Health: 160
  • Can be 2-Cycled if he's below 50% Health


When the fight starts, the Alpha Sandigger appears in the arena. Damaging this enemy does nothing. All you can do is wait until the Ing come and corrupt it to start the actual fight.


Begin the fight by charging up the Power Beam. Stun Bomb Guardian with the charged shot and two uncharged shots. After enough damage has been dealt, it will reel up its head. This is when it is vulnerable. Fire two uncharged Power shots, a Missile, then fire a fully charged Power shot. This will bring it down to half health.

On the second cycle, stun it again, and this time, only fire a Missile and a fully charged Power shot. If done correctly, Bomb Guardian will die.


Quick Kill

With Power Bombs

If you have a Power Bomb, you can 1-cycle this boss. Just wait until it becomes Bomb Guardian and then lay a PB near its body. This should kill in one shot.


There is a chance the PB doesn't kill and just stun. In this case, follow the steps in the 2-cycle method.

With Screw Attack

It is possible to 1-cycle with Screw Attack, but it is very difficult. A PB is recommended instead of this method.


With Super Missile

After it reels up its head, Super Missile will one-shot it.