Early Power Bomb

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General Information

  • This sequence break involves you collecting a Power Bomb Expansion early in the game. Getting an expansion before the Main Power Bomb still lets you use Bower Bombs as normal, since functionally there's no difference
  • This is most useful in Any%, where you use early Power Bombs to access Sanctuary immediately after Agon, among other reasons.
  • While this trick lets you use Power Bombs without fighting the Power Bomb Guardian, unfortunately you must still defeat the Power Bomb Guardian to beat the game since the Sky Temple Key in Dark Oasis doesn't exist until you do so.

Getting the Power Bomb Expansion

  • To start off, you need to get Out of Bounds in Temple Assembly Site. For an Any% run, this means you need to do the Slope Jump SW after collecting the Energy Tank in Storage Cavern B.
  • Then, walk over to Dynamo Chamber and Aether Jump up to the door. The room should have autoloaded, but if it didn't just shoot the door and jump around the side of it to force load the room.
  • Transition to Dynamo Chamber, then go back to the other side of the door and jump up to transition back to Temple Assembly Site. Make sure to keep it on this room.
  • From here, you can jump on a standable spot on top of Dynamo Chamber and jump to the Power Bomb from there. A safer and slower option is to jump on top of Dynamo Chamber and then Bomb Jump to the sky walk. From here, you can walk over and line up so you can morph and fall straight down on the Power Bomb.
  • Whatever method you used, get on top of the Power Bomb and try wiggling or using Bomb Jumps to land behind the Power Bomb, and you should eventually be able to collect it.

TODO: <video of getting item and going back inbounds>

Getting back Inbounds

  • You have two main options to get back inbounds after collecting the Power Bomb.
  • If you aren't doing a speedrun, then the safe/easy option is to Bomb Jump off the collision and unmorph. Then, Aether Jump back up to the skywalk (or the door) and do a ceiling warp in Dynamo Chamber. Once back in, touch the door connected to Temple Assembly Site to transition back to Dynamo Chamber and you are done.
  • For an Any% speedrun, you should Bomb Jump off the collision, unmorph, and then walk along the bottom of Temple Assembly Site's box towards Collapsed Tunnel. From here, keep wallcrawling until you get to Industrial Site, where you want to force load Agon Transport Access and have that room load around you. This is covered in more detail in the Agon before Great Temple article.