East Atrium

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Connecting Rooms
Gathering Hall
Energy Core Access

East Atrium is a room located in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. In the direction opposite of the door that Samus enters the room from, there will be Shriekbats ready to target Samus.

General Information

Room Layer Information


Jumping, then letting loose a charged shot at the Shriekbats, followed by a full L-jump or R-jump is the fastest known method of traversing the room.

Leaving after Incinerator Drone: Rolling through the room has been the default strategy, unmorphing after hitting the bump in the floor near the Gathering Hall end of the room. R-jumping has been theorized to be faster because of the reduction in animation wait time from unmorphing.

For a non-IBBF route which involves entering this room with Boost Ball, the video below should demonstrate the best known method of progressing. It should be noted that an Instant Unmorph is possible with the boosting method, but very inconsistent and unknown as to how the camera becomes stuck.

Instant Unmorph

It is possible to get an Instant Unmorph on the side of the wall while heading towards Energy Core. The point at which this is done is just under the Shriekbats on the other side. Getting it saves a small amount of time compared to the normal rolling strategy.