Frozen Pike

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Connecting Rooms
Frost Cave Access
Hunter Cave Access
Pike Access
Transport Access

Frozen Pike is a room located in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. It contains a Secret World. It is the room that connects the three major sections of Phendrana Drifts together, with connections to both far Phendrana and the Pirate Labs.

Any% Strats

In the any% speedrun, you will need to traverse this room three times: first from Transport Access to far Phendrana, then from far Phendrana into the Pirate Labs, then from Pirate Labs to Transport Access again.

To Far Phendrana

This trip involves moving from Transport Access to Frost Cave Access, and involves dropping down without falling all of the way. This is the lowest in the room you will ever go in the any% route. There are two strats that are roughly equal in terms of how fast they are, as seen in the video below.


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To Pirate Labs

Getting to the Pirate Labs from far Phendrana involves a short climb to Pike Access. This involves climbing on the branch and using the nearby Ice Parasite to quickly dash to the room.

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Back to Magmoor

Finally, you must climb back up to Transport Access in order to get to Magmoor again. The fastest strat, as shown below, involves dashing off of the Ice Parasite multiple times, once to bypass the Morph Ball tunnel, the other times to more quickly get to the door.

Strat Comparison

The video below compares three different strategies and finds that dashing off of the Ice Parasite is the fastest method.

Without Space Jump

The video below shows how to travel through all of the required sections of the room in Low% conditions.

Secret World

This room contains a secret world. Note that it requires collecting Gravity Suit and activating Sheeglitch. Video:

With Floaty Jump

Fastest Room Times

From Frost Cave Access to Pike Access

From Pike Access to Transport Access

From Hunter Cave Access to Transport Access Without Gravity

Low% Frost Cave Access to Pike Access TAS by Icefire

Low% Pike Access to Transport Access TAS by Edzan