Gravity Chamber

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Lake Tunnel

Gravity Chamber is a room located in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. It contains the Gravity Suit, as well as a missile expansion and a Secret World.

General Information

Room Layer Information
2nd pass - alpha atomics

Acquiring the Gravity Suit in this room disables layer "Cinematic" and enables layer "2nd pass - alpha atomics". It also changes layers in the following rooms:

  • Reactor Core - Disables layer "Not Loaded" and enables layer "Music Test".
  • Ruins Entryway - Disables layer "1st pass enemies" and enables layer "2nd pass enemies".
  • Frozen Pike - Disables layer "1st Pass - Flickers" and enables layer "2nd pass - Flying Pirates".
  • Hunter Cave - Disables layer "1st Pass Enemies" and enables layer "2nd Pass Enemies".
  • Frost Cave - Disables layer "1st Pass - Beta Metroids" and enables layer "2nd Pass - Flying Pirates".

Shooting the ice on the ceiling with Plasma Beam to reveal the grapple point disables layer "Stalactite" in this room.

Ordinarily, the missile expansion is accessed by using the Plasma Beam to reveal a grapple point, then using the Grapple Beam to get the item. However, once this grapple point is revealed, it is important not to leave the room if you plan on using it, as it will be permanently removed from the room once the room is unloaded. As described below, there are alternative ways of getting this item that don't require Grapple Beam, but this is still relevant for beginners that may still choose to go for the intended method of getting this item.

Early Missile Expansion

It is possible to obtain the Missile Expansion in this room without Grapple Beam or Plasma Beam. There are two different methods to do this, which are both included in the attached video.

Slope Jump Method

  • Get on the rock
  • Ghetto off of the left, then go towards the right. Release L.
  • Do your second jump towards the left again, then curve it back towards the right. If you're low on height, you can do an R-Jump to get more speed.

Scan Dash Method

This is the alternative and is faster, but it's harder.

  • Stand near the icicle
  • Dash off of the ice. Bend the dash straight right.
  • When you're near the alcove with the Missile, hold L and wedge yourself into it.

Bombu Combat Dash

This dash can also be performed using the Bombus that spawn on another layer.

Slope Jump Method Tutorial

Tutorial by Tom Lube

This tutorial covers the slope jump method in greater detail and also showcases a variant of the dashing method that uses one of the Gelzaps.

Secret World

Around the area near where the Gravity Suit is located, there is a hole in the ceiling that can be used to get out of bounds. Shoot the tentacle with the Ice Beam in order to stand on it, then jump through the hole. This requires the Space Jump Boots.