Hydrodynamo Station

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Connecting Rooms
Catacombs Access
Gathering Access
Hydrodynamo Shaft
Save Station B
Training Access
Underground Transport
Undertemple Shaft

Hydrodynamo Station is a room located in the lower level of the Torvus Bog region of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is a large, vertical room with three scan posts that need to be scanned in order to open the large lock that blocks access to Hydrodynamo Shaft. There is also a missile expansion, a seeker door that can be opened without the Seeker Missiles, and a Morph Secret World.

General Information

Room Layer Information
1st Pass
2nd Pass
Seeker 2 Cleared
2nd Pass (Pre-Puzzle Solved)

Activating the Scan Posts Early

While you can scan one of the three scan posts right away under normal conditions, the other two normally require a very large detour that wastes a lot of time. There are multiple methods of avoiding this, saving several minutes.

Underwater Dash Methods

Some methods exist that take advantage of Underwater Dashing. The ways in which this is carried out vary amongst runners.

Method #1

The first method involves lining up with a specific spot while on the top platform. This method requires a feel for where Samus will end up going, as it's easy to bonk on the platform and fail the jump. With enough practice, however, this can be made consistent.

Method #2

This method is less popular, but still viable. Jump off of the platform, facing in the direction of the scan post you want to scan, then perform an underwater dash using the Space Jump.

Air Underwater Method

If Samus has Screw Attack, then Air Underwater can be utilized in order to Screw Attack to the scan posts.

Underwater Boost Jump

It is possible to get an Instant Unmorph on the scan posts, which skips having to take the morph ball cannon in the center of the room to get back up. This requires a good Boost Jump into an Underwater Dash.

Seeker Skip

If the player has Air Underwater, they can open the seeker door leading to Training Access without the Seeker Missiles.

Bloggs Getting Stuck In the Geometry

After activating the three scan posts, it is possible for one of the Bloggs to get stuck inside the lock that blocks access to Hydrodynamo Shaft, potentially creating a situation where Samus is unable to progress until the Blogg is killed.

Secret World

The secret world in this room is precise, and requires a very specific visual setup to perform. First open the door to Save Station B and carefully enter the room without transitioning, sliding across the wall near the door. Next, look at a very precise point and morph. If successful, Samus will be repositioned out of bounds.