Main Hydrochamber

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Connecting Rooms
Hydrochamber Storage
Hydrodynamo Shaft

Main Hydrochamber is a room located in the lower level of Torvus Bog in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is where the Alpha Blogg boss fight takes place, which happens after taking the item in Hydrochamber Storage. The back portion of the room that houses the dark portal leading to Undertemple is blocked while the Alpha Blogg fight is active.

General Information

Room Layer Information
2nd Pass Mega Blogg
Gone after blogg battle
2nd Pass Mega Blogg Intro
3rd Pass Mini Bloggs

Alpha Blogg Skip

Since Samus has Gravity Boost, it is only a matter of performing a Bomb Space Jump onto the platform above the fight. From there, the player can easily escape.

Screw Attack

If using Gravity Boost isn't an option and you can still get Air Underwater, it is possible to use Screw Attack to climb the room.