North Jungle Court

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Connecting Rooms
Generator Hall North
Machineworks Bridge
North Jungle Hall

North Jungle Court is a room located in Bryyo in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. In the intended sequence, it is the 2nd turret encountered in Thorn Jungle that blocks access to the Jungle Generator. There is a Secret World in this room, as well as a giant battery which is required to get the Energy Cell in Hidden Court. It requires Ship Grapple Beam to be moved.

Fast Strat

TODO: Video and description

Secret World

There are a few methods to doing this Secret World.

With Screw Attack

This method is done by using the battery. Perform an SSJ, Screw Attack to the battery, and bonk on top of it. From here, simply jump Out of Bounds. [1]

Alternatively, this can be done with a Boost SSJ into a Screw Attack. This method can be done without the battery being present.

Without Screw Attack

It is also possible to get Out of Bounds with a Slope Jump. Jump to the lever as shown in the video, lock onto the destroyed turret with Scan Visor, then Slope Jump backwards to the invisible collision that surrounds the room.