Research Lab Hydra

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Connecting Rooms
Hydra Lab Entryway
Observatory Access

Research Lab Hydra is a room located in the pirate labs portion of the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. It contains a missile expansion that is surrounded by a barrier that requires the Super Missiles to break. When entering this room from Hydra Lab Entryway, you will be required to use the Scan Visor in order to disable the forcefield that prevents Samus from accessing the rest of the room. If traversing the labs backwards, this scan point cannot be scanned normally, and you will be forced to go back. However, in some Randomizers, this scan point can be scanned from the outside, allowing for the rest of the labs to be done in reverse without needing to go out of bounds.

Additionally, the door leading to Observatory Access is a vertical door.

General Information

Room Layer Information
1st Pass Enemy - Pirates
2nd Pass Enemy - Shadow
Field OFF
3rd pass Enemy - Elite

Scanning the terminal to turn off the barrier near the door for Hydra Lab Entryway disables layer "Field OFF" in this room.

Layer Changers

  • Acquiring the Thermal Visor in Research Core disables layer "1st Pass Enemy - Pirates" in this room, and enables layer "2nd Pass Enemy - Shadow".
  • Defeating the Elite Pirate in Elite Research enables layer "3rd pass Enemy - Elite" in this room. This doesn't seem to change anything here.

Fast Strats

TODO: Description

No Space Jump

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TAS Strat

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Where's the Room

The door leading to Observatory Access can have its transition be delayed if Samus morphs at the correct time, allowing for a Where's the Room glitch to occur. This doesn't allow for anything potentially useful, however.