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==External Links==
==External Links==
[https://www.dropbox.com/s/bliyxkifzmq4bed/Maze_Finder_V2.2.7z?dl=0 Maze Finder Download] -- tool made by Claris that tells you which maze you have.
[https://pwootage.github.io/maze-finder-web/ Maze Finder Web] -- made by Pwootage.  

[[Category:Rooms in Metroid Prime]]
[[Category:Rooms in Metroid Prime]]
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[[Category:Phazon Mines]]

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Connecting Rooms
Dynamo Access
Quarantine Access A
Save Station Mines B

Central Dynamo is a room located in the Phazon Mines region of Metroid Prime. It contains the Main Power Bombs, which are required in order to change the layer in Elite Research so that the Artifact of Warrior can be obtained. An invisible drone must be defeated in order to gain access to the PBs, at which point one of 300 pre-determined mazes will appear at random.

General Information

Room Layer Information
1st Pass Drones
2nd Pass Troopers
Don't Load

Power Bomb Maze

How the RNG works

There are 300 different mazes. While the game could produce mazes using any seed outside of these 300 (4 billion+), the game picks exclusively from this list of 300 only.

This is how the Maze is generated for this fight:

1. A random unsigned 16-bit integer is generated.
2. The modulo 100 of this number is taken.
2. This determines which set seed is picked from the list.
3. A Maze is created using the seed.
4. Three electrical gates and two water bomb pools are generated into the maze.

This results in roughly a 1/300, however because of using a modulous operation to pick the seed, this gives the first 135 seeds a 1/65536 (~.46%) greater chance of happening than the remaining 165 seeds.

Possible Mazes

Because the game generates the maze first and the water pools/ electrical gates after, some mazes have skips in them and are shorter than the game intends. Mazes can range in length from 15 squares to 55 squares in odd number squares only and excluding maze length 53. To see the reverse engineered code for the maze as well as all 300 mazes, go here.

Maze Skip

This trick allows you to skip the entire Power Bomb Maze. Because the maze is picked randomly, the time saved from this trick is also random. RTA this trick roughly breaks even with the shortest maze. When Samus drops into the maze normally, the game disables the object over the maze and makes it translucent, this is to allow the camera to more easily see through or pass through it. To prevent the player from coming back out from the maze, a small door closes above you once you fall in. It is possible to touch only the trigger that disables the collision above Main Power Bombs without touching the trigger that closes the door above Samus. This allows Samus to simply walk over and fall into Main Power Bombs.

This trick can be performed with or without Morph Ball Bombs. With bombs simply place a bomb low enough in the hole and time falling into the trigger and get hit by the bombs and come back out without the door closing. This can be done without bombs using wall friction only to flick Samus back up the hole.


Invisible Drone Strat

The fastest way to kill Invisible Drone is with charged Plasma Beam or 5 quick Rapid-Fire Missiles. Plasma Beam can be combined with Charge Storage to quickly kill this miniboss in two hits.Without Charge Beam it is easiest to kill this boss by standing directly in his path and getting hit intentionally by his attack. While getting hit simply aim at his eye for free and shoot all 5 of your Rapid-Fire Missiles.

NSJ Climb

It is possible to climb this room without Space Jump Boots by getting on top of one of the monitors and doing an HBJ against the wall.

TODO: Video

Quarantine Access A Comparison

The video below compares two different strats for getting to Quarantine Access A after getting the Main Power Bombs.


Leaving the Room Early

The door behind the Power Bomb rubble does not lock therefore allowing you to leave the room at any point if you have Power Bombs.

Infinite Speed

It is possible to get Infinite Speed in this room by getting stuck in a particular way on the crates. The video below shows a setup.

External Links

Maze Finder Web -- made by Pwootage.