Gyro Puzzle Skip

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Gyro Puzzle Skip is a timesaver in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes that saves around 30 seconds in the standard Any% route. It consists of a short wallcrawl that navigates to the end of Main Gyro Chamber near the room Watch Station Access. It saves time because from here, Samus is able to use Boost Ball to open up the wall that blocks access to the other side, skipping the need to do the puzzle that is normally required to do so.

  • You start by doing the morph SW in Dynamo Works.
  • Next, transition to Dynamo Access and do a single jump off the door so that you go into the Aether.
  • Then, walk in a straight line to Main Gyro Chamber while it's loading. You want to walk for roughly 8 seconds.
  • If you walked back the correct distance/angle, you will fall into the far half of the room once it finishes loading.
  • From here, find and use the boost spinner.
  • Once done, boost back to the door connected to Dynamo Access to complete the transition. Now, the barrier is gone and you can go to Watch Station Access without stopping the gyro.