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Amorbis is a boss found in the room Dark Agon Temple in the Dark Agon Wastes region of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It guards the Dark Suit.

General Information

  • Health: 300 Per Worm (Body Plates: 150, Face Plates: 150)
  • 2x weak to Light Beam


Amorbis is a pretty straight-forward boss. Basically just use charged Light Beam shots or Super Missiles to destroy the plates.

Worm Skip

Worm Skip is a fairly simple trick to pull off when fighting Amorbis.

Worm Skip is when you prevent the 3rd Worm from ever spawning in the fight, saving some time.


  • On round 2, destroy the Face Plate of Worm 1 with a charged Light Shot.
  • After the plate is destroyed, immediately start charging again and fire at the second Worm.
  • Lay bombs in Worm 1's mouth, hurry to Worm 2, then bomb him.
  • If done correctly, you will skip Worm 3.

<video of worm skip>


  • While not required, Boost Ball makes this trick much easier than without.
  • It is faster to do this strat again on round 3, however, you can softlock if you aren't careful.
  • If you bomb Worm 2 before Worm 1 detatches from the orb, the game will softlock.
  • To prevent this, just roll to Worm 2 normally and wait until you see Worm 1 jump off before laying the bomb.


There are two ways of getting softlocked by this boss.

TODO: Video for other way and descriptions