Dark Suit

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The Dark Suit is a suit upgrade that can be collected after defeating Amorbis in Dark Agon Temple. It decreases the rate at which damage is taken from Dark Aether's atmosphere to 1.2 Damage per Second from initial 6 Damage per Second with the Varia Suit.

Dark Suit Skip

  • This is one of the few sequence breaks that's possible in all versions of the game.
  • In Abandoned Base, you can do a Slope Jump straight up to the Light Portal, skipping the need to activate the trolley at the end of the room. You only have a few attempts to do this due to the fast rate at which you'll be losing health.
  • This would only be used in Glitchless and Beginner Routes, and means you can skip after completing the other required tasks in Agon.

TODO: <video of trick>