Early Annihilator Beam

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  • You can access the Quadraxis fight early by skipping all 3 Ing Hive Keys.
  • You can do this Inbounds or Out of Bounds.
  • Inbounds, you simply do a 3BSJ and Screw Attack over the gate in Hive Temple Access.
  • It's a bit faster to do this sequence break Out of Bounds, in which case you do the exact same wallcrawl you would in the first half of Quad Skip. The sole difference is that you let Hive Temple load around you instead of Aether Jumping to its skywalk. This is used in the current 100% route.
  • On a side note, if you choose to do the Out of Bounds method, the music will not play if you touch the fight trigger without transitioning to Hive Temple first. Although, this is a bit faster.