Path of Roots

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Connecting Rooms
Great Bridge
Torvus Lagoon

Path of Roots is a room located in the Torvus Bog in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It contains a missile expansion.

Getting the Missile Early

Normally, the game requires that you either have Grapple Beam or Screw Attack to get this item. However, there are multiple methods of getting the missile expansion without these items.

Bomb Space Jump Method

By doing a Bomb Space Jump underwater, it is possible to get the required height to get the item. This requires Gravity Boost and the Space Jump Boots.

Slope Jump Method

This method is only preferred to the BSJ method if you need to get this item and you don't have the Morph Ball Bombs. It still requires Gravity Boost and Space Jump.

Reverse Air Underwater Method

Alternately, this method makes use of Reverse Air Underwater by activating the Gravity Boost above water.