Phendrana Canyon

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Connecting Rooms
Canyon Entryway

Phendrana Canyon is a room located in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. It contains Boost Ball.

General Information

Room Layer Information

Acquiring the Boost Ball in this room enables layer "Ridley fly over" in Phendrana Shorelines.

Without Activating the Platforms

In most categories, Samus will have the Space Jump Boots upon entering this room, which makes getting across the platforms easy.

TODO: Description and videos for strats


No Space Jump

TODO: Description and video

Escaping the Room

While the game attempts to force you to use the half-pipe to exit the room, you don't actually need to have any items in order to leave. Simply jump on the top of the pile of snow, then onto the broken pillar, then onto the bridge and on the crates, and you'll be able to leave easily.

Secret World

  • You will need Space Jump Boots and to not have acquired Boost Ball in order to perform this secret world.
  • As soon as you enter this room, jump down to where you'd normally scan the pole to acquire Boost Ball, but don't actually scan the pole. Now using your tricky brain you can figure out how to make it to the last platform on the series of platforms here. From there turn around and face the door again. Look up and you'll see another platform you can narrowly space jump to. Space jump to it. Now turn to your left and you'll see another large snow drift. Jump through it. You can, don't worry.