Phendrana Shorelines

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Connecting Rooms
Ice Ruins Access
Plaza Walkway
Ruins Entryway
Save Station B
Shoreline Entrance
Temple Entryway

Phendrana Shorelines is a room located in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. It contains 2 missile expansions as well as multiple ways of getting out of bounds through a Secret World.

Phendrana Shorelines is a large room with a lot of interconnected parts. In the developer-intended route, Samus is supposed to damage the grate under the platform leading to Ice Ruins Access and scan the scan point below. This unlocks the door and Samus is intended to loop to the higher level of the room through Ice Ruins East and Plaza Walkway in order to reach Ruins Entryway. Samus isn't meant to be able to reach Temple Entryway until she has the Space Jump Boots, at which point she is encouraged to use the stalagmites suspended in the air to get across. The missile expansion that is covered behind the ice can be accessed using the Plasma Beam, while the missile expansion at the top of the tower near Temple Entryway requires both the Super Missiles and the Spider Ball to obtain.

There are two cutscene triggers associated with this room. The first is activated when the player enters the room for the first time from Shoreline Entrance. This cutscene trigger is unique in that watching the cutscene is responsible for advancing Samus' position slightly further in the room, saving a small amount of in-game time in the any% route at the cost of a few seconds of real time. The second cutscene trigger is available after the player picks up Boost Ball in Phendrana Canyon, which updates this room's layer. This cutscene trigger shows Meta Ridley flying over the room itself, and will reposition Samus after it is over.

General Information

Room Layer Information
Second Traversal
1st traversal
Don't Load
Ridley fly over

Layer Changers

  • Viewing the opening cutscene in this room disables layer "RevealCinematic".
  • Acquiring the Boost Ball in Phendrana Canyon enables layer "Ridley fly over" in this room.
  • Viewing the cutscene featuring Meta Ridley in this room disables layer "Ridley fly over"
  • Acquiring the Wave Beam in Chapel of the Elders enables layer "Second Traversal" in this room.

Any% Strategy

TODO: Description

R-Jumps Demonstration

This video demonstrates some R-Jumping strats that can be used in a variety of different contexts.

No Space Jump

Climb to Ruins Entryway NSJ

If the player has the Morph Ball and Bombs, it is possible to go directly to Ruins Entryway from below. This is done by performing a couple of Double Bomb Jumps onto the stalagmite, then onto the upper level.

Climb to Temple Entryway NSJ

TODO: Description and video


Secret World

There are 5 methods to enter this Secret World, all of which involve a lengthy Dash to a platform across the map. Practice up on your dashing skills.

Scan Dash Method

This scan dash is done near the door to Ruins Entryway, and is done by locking onto the scan point near Temple Entryway. From here, a good dash is all that is needed to get on the outer edges of the room, allowing Samus to get out of bounds.

Enemy Dashes

If doing a scan dash isn't an option, then there are other alternate setups that will work, all of which revolve around using the various enemies in the room to dash off of.

  • Second dash; the PAL original: Turn on the X-Ray Visor and lock onto any one of the Flickerbats running around in circles. Note their pattern until you know exactly when they're going to turn right, then just before they do, do another super awesome dash to the right.
  • Third-Fifth dashes; PAL/Universal dash: For the first PAL dash, it's required to pick up the wave beam first. Now look down and shoot the Sheegoth that's pretty much right in front of you when you exit Ruins Access. Lock on to him and dash to the right. You'll probably need to bend this dash forward to make it fit, but it works.
  • The second of the PAL dashes is a bit longer to set up, but it's likely easier for anyone having a hard time with dashes. Walk over to Plaza Walkway, open the door and lock on to whatever enemy is in there. Now walk back to where you usually dash and dash, except you dash to the left this time. Tricky.
  • The last of the PAL dashes is an even longer setup, but is a bit more natural dash to the right. Walk down to the lower part of the platform, and jump over the edge while looking parallel to the door to Chozo Ice Temple. Lock onto the furthest Snowcones and then walk to the highest spot on the platform and dash to the right again. This is probably the easiest of the PAL dashes.


It is still possible to get out of bounds on Wii by performing a Bomb Space Jump near the entrance to Ice Ruins Access.

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