Chapel of the Elders

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Connecting Rooms
Chapel Tunnel

Chapel of the Elders is a room located in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. It contains the Wave Beam, which is guarded by a mini-boss fight that has two phases. The first phase consists of four Baby Sheegoths appearing from the four corners of the room. After they are dealt with, the adult Sheegoth appears. The Wave Beam is obtainable once the Sheegoth is dead. Additionally, the room also contains a Secret World.

General Information

Room Layer Information
NOA Demo

Acquiring the Wave Beam in this room changes layers in these rooms:

Infinite Speed

It is possible, using the crates, to get Infinite Speed. This can be used as a slower, in-bounds alternative to Wave/Sun.

Secret World

It is possible to get out of bounds in this room.

Sheegoth Fight Method

TODO: Description

Without Sheegoth

This method is possible without taking advantage of the Sheegoth fight.

Floaty Jump Method

It is also possible to get out of bounds in this room with Floaty Jump.