Ice Ruins East

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Connecting Rooms
Ice Ruins Access
Plaza Walkway

Ice Ruins East is a room located in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. There are two missile expansions in this room, one of which is intended to be accessed with Spider Ball, while the other one is behind a sheet of ice, and is intended to be accessed with the Plasma Beam.

General Information

Room Layer Information
1st pass enemies
2nd pass enemies

Acquiring the Thermal Visor in Research Core disables layer "1st pass enemies" in this room, and enables layer "2nd pass enemies".

Without Spider Ball

It is possible to bypass the need for Spider Ball for the missile that normally requires it. Perform a HBJ at the base of the Spider track to enter the tunnel. The Boost Ball can also be used to make it slightly easier, but it is not required.

Secret World

There are multiple methods of getting out of bounds in this room.

With Space Jump

Make your way up to the door leading to Plaza Walkway. Face the door and turn about 110 degrees so you see a pillar nearly right in front of you. Jump on this pillar. Now turn a bit more to the left and you should see a lone brick sticking out of the wall. Do a L-Jump towards it. Now turn and face the door leading to Plaza Walkway again. Turn about 30 degrees to the right and you'll see a small ledge that isn't covered in snow, wedged in between two rocks. Do a lengthy L-Jump to this. Now jump backwards enough to clear the overhang, then use your second jump to jump to the right and over the wall.

Bomb Space Jump Method

TODO: Description

Without Space Jump

This method requires an HBJ.

Alternate Method

TODO: Description

Without Space Jump and Bombs

TODO: Description