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Triclops are a type of enemy in Metroid Prime, found exclusively in the Magmoor Caverns region. They can be found in the following rooms:

Additionally, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes has its own equivalent of the Triclops, called the Mechlops. It is functionally identical to the Triclops, but it has a different model. They are only found in one room:

Technical Overview

All Triclops will follow a predetermined set of waypoints, often forming a circular shape, moving forever until Samus interrupts them while in Morph Ball. When Samus is in Morph Ball, Triclops have the ability to grab the ball, at which point they deviate from their path in order to take Samus to a separate waypoint (called the Butter Point) in order to spit her out. While this is happening, it is possible to get out early by wiggling the control stick in a circular motion. This releases Samus with very little force compared to when she is spit out by the Triclops. It is also possible to get the Triclops to deviate from their path simply by moving near them, as they will attempt to move towards Samus to grab and spit her out. This makes it possible to manipulate their movement up to a certain range.

Butter State

Butter State is the name given to the state in which a Triclops will immediately spit Samus out once it grabs her. This is possible because there is a small window before the Triclops get to the Butter Point in which wiggling the control stick to get Samus out early will bug this aspect of their behavior. The precise timing of this window is not known, but it is just before the Triclops perform the animation of spitting Samus out. If successful, the Triclops will still play the animation as normal, but Samus will be released as if she wiggled out and wasn't spit out. Butter State is useful when going for Secret Worlds that use the Triclops as a way of going Out of Bounds, because they will no longer attempt to move Samus towards the Butter Point and will instead immediately spit her out without regard for the collision.