Fiery Shores

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Connecting Rooms
Shore Tunnel
Transport Tunnel B
Warrior Shrine

This room has a dedicated Secret World page. For more information, see Fiery Shores SW.

Fiery Shores is a room located in the Magmoor Caverns region of Metroid Prime. It contains a missile expansion. It is a long, complex room that covers a lot of horizontal distance. At both ends, there are a series of platforms that lie just above the lava, which are bridged by a couple sets of flamethrowers that are attached to the ceiling. When the flamethrowers are active, they risk pushing Samus into the lava. They can be frozen using the Ice Beam, although this is slow in a speedrun setting. In the middle of the room are two main platforms which both have a Triclops circling around them. The one that is nearer to Shore Tunnel has a set of crates. These crates are useful during VMR for providing extra health. There is also another set of crates that obscures the entry to a Morph Ball sequence that leads to the missile expansion, though getting to this missile without morph ball is possible.

The room also has a connection to Warrior Shrine, which is intended to be a one-way connection as the only way to pass through it naturally is through Warrior Shrine. However, for a TAS, it is possible to transition into Warrior Shrine by getting the required height in Morph Ball. The main reason to do this is to obtain that room's Power Bomb expansion early.

Additionally, the room has a Secret World that takes advantage of a Triclops.

Missile Expansion without Morph Ball/Space Jump

Allows you to get the Missile Expansion without any other items. Useful in randomizers.

TAS-Only Transition to Warrior Shrine

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Fastest Room Times



Max% NSJ

Secret World

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