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Connecting Rooms
Crossway Access South
Crossway Access West
Elder Hall Access

Crossway is a room located in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. It contains a missile expansion.

General Information

Room Layer Information
Don't Load

Without Boost Ball

It is possible to traverse Crossway without Boost Ball by executing a halfpipe bomb jump (HPBJ). This HPBJ can give players trouble, but it is significantly more lenient than the one in Ventilation Shaft. With good execution it is even possible to perform without the unmorph.

With Unmorph

Without Unmorph

R-Jump Method

Alternatively, this can also be done with the Space Jump Boots and a good R-Jump.

Early Crossway Item

100% speedruns will get this item differently than intended. It is possible to get this item early due to the size of the Morph Ball tunnel, which is just big enough to allow Samus to stand on it. This is done by climbing the room.

Boost Ball Method

TODO: Description/video

Boost Ball Method NSJ

Room Climb Method

It is also possible to climb the room from the side nearest to Elder Hall Access, jumping on the curved metal fence, then onto the pipes, then into the tunnel where the item is located.

On Wii, there exists a trigger that will prevent Samus from jumping from the lowest pipe. This can be easily circumvented as seen in the below video, where Samus can easily land on the higher pipes and get the item. No matter which version you're doing this trick on, the principle is still the same.

Scan Dash

This is a variant of this strat that skips going onto the pipes in favor of a trickier Scan Dash.

Floaty Jump Method

This item can also be obtained using Floaty Jump.