Metroid Prime 2: Echoes/General Speed Tricks

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General Movement

Listed are various movement forms and their speeds:

  • Standard walking (10.8)
  • Walking while holding L (11.8)
  • Rolling (20)
  • Boosting (up to 40, depends on how flat of a surface you boost on)
  • Screw attacking (20 but begins decelerating eventually)
  • Roll Jumping (16-17)
  • Extended Dashing (32+)

Some other notes:

  • Holding L also improves jumping height/speed the same way it is better for walking
  • Grappling is faster than screw attack, so in rare situations where you have both items and can use either, then you should grapple
  • Screw attacking starts at 20 speed but decelerates as you start to fall during the screw attack. So, if you don't need to go a particularly far distance, then try to minimize the time between screw attacks
  • You can cancel any of your first 4 screw attacks by spamming B. This can help you land sooner if you have already screw attacked far enough
  • You can cancel the Super Missile cool down by bringing up Scan Visor after firing it, saving around a second in some situations
  • If you have cannonball, you can open doors that previously had a blast shield on them by simply touching the door

Movement Tricks

Underwater Movement