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Connecting Rooms
Observatory Access
Save Station D
West Tower Entrance

Observatory is a room located in the Pirate Labs portion of the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. It contains the Super Missiles and a Secret World.

General Information

Room Layer Information
1st Pass Pirate
2nd Pass Enemy Loadout

Acquiring the Thermal Visor in Research Core disables layer "1st Pass Pirate" in this room, and enables layer "2nd Pass Enemy Loadout".

Without Boost Ball

Normally, the game expects you to use the spinner in the center of the room using Boost Ball in order to move the platforms. However, it is possible to avoid this by performing a Scan Dash. This is the strategy that runners use for this room. The video below also shows how to get the Super Missiles: by performing a Slope Jump onto the pipe, it's possible to get to the item from there. If you get the item while the platform is raised, the cutscene will position you below the platform, forcing you to fall to the bottom of the room.

No Space Jump

It is possible to climb this room without the Space Jump Boots using the Sheeglitch. It is not known whether it is humanly viable.

Secret World

Do a series of Slope Jumps or a HBJ to reach an "arm" of the laser in Observatory, then jump towards the rim of the room. Morph and boost into the rim. Keep boosting until and soon enough, you boost clean through the room.

Fastest Room Times