Phazon Core

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Connecting Rooms
Crater Missile Station
Crater Tunnel A
Crater Tunnel B

Phazon Core is a room located in the Impact Crater region of Metroid Prime. It is a large room containing red Phazon and Fission Metroids. Movement-wise, it presents some of the last major movement challenges in the run aside from the Exo Skip wallcrawl. As this room is connected to Crater Tunnel B, the room in which Exo Skip starts, the setup for Exo Skip starts in this room.

Climbing the Room

Normally climbing this room is a very lengthy process, but speedruns cut out a lot of that travel time using a few tricks.

Climb to Middle Portion

The most important movement trick in this room is immediately climbing to the middle portion of the room after leaving from Crater Tunnel A. This cuts out the majority of the travel time normally required. There are two methods of doing this.

Bomb Space Jump Method

The most popular method for speedrunners is to perform a Bomb Space Jump out of Crater Tunnel A.

Slope Jump Method

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Strat Comparison

This video compares the Bomb Space Jump strat with the Slope Jump method and finds that they are nearly identical in terms of how fast they are.

Without Space Jump

It is possible to traverse this room without the Space Jump Boots. This is done by stringing multiple tricks together.

Exo Skip Setup

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