Reactor Core (Sanctuary Fortress)

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Connecting Rooms
Minigyro Chamber
Reactor Access
Sanctuary Map Station
Save Station A
Transit Station

Reactor Core is a room located in Sanctuary Fortress in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It contains an energy tank.

Quad Skip

When first entering the room from Reactor Access, the game will lock the door and force you to fight a Quad. However, it's not too difficult to skip this fight altogether.

Standing Method

By standing on top of the Quad, it's possible to get over the force field and skip the fight.

Screw Attack Method

Screw Attack makes this skip trivial to do.

Bomb Space Jump Method

This skip can also be done with a Bomb Space Jump.

TODO: Video

Getting the Energy Tank Without Spider Ball

There are a couple methods of obtaining the energy tank in this room without having Spider Ball.

Rezbit Method

If Samus has Dark Beam, the Rezbit can be frozen while its shield is up to get on to a standable spot that leads to the top of the capsule. Once there, jump to a tiny standable spot just near the energy tank and morph into the hole to get the item. Screw Attack can also be used to get the item from here, though it is not required.

Bomb Space Jump Method

A BSJ can also get Samus onto the standable spot.