Metroid Prime/General Speed Tricks

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General Movement

Fastest to Slowest: Rolling (Bottom Right), L-Jumping (Bottom Left), Holding L (Top Right), Walking (Top Left)

Listed are various movement forms and their speed caps:

  • Standard walking (10.8)
  • Walking while holding L (10.4)
  • Dashing (35+)
  • Rolling (20)
  • Boosting (uncapped)

Some other notes:

  • While you have a faster speed in general without holding L, you accelerate to that speed faster while holding the L button. (see also: The L Button)
  • There is no sideways speedcap, this makes turning or moving sideways optimal.
  • Space Jump Boots give you a higher vertical speedcap.

Movement Techniques

Morph Ball Techniques

TAS Techniques

Out of Bounds Techniques