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Connecting Rooms
Dark Oasis
Sand Processing
Security Station B
Storage D
Ventilation Area A

Main Reactor is a room in the Pirate Labs portion of Agon Wastes in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It contains the Dark Samus 1 fight, which in the natural route guards access to the Dark Beam, and also the Spider Ball track, which is only usable until after the room is reloaded following the end of the boss fight. Additionally, it also contains a missile expansion and a Secret World.

General Overview

Room Layer Information
Dark Samus
Dark Samus Intro Cinema
Post Dark Samus
Dark Samus Death Cinema
Dark Samus AI
Gamer's Day

When entering the room via Sand Processing, the player will activate a trigger that locks the room. If the player enters the room from another door and attempts to immediately activate the door to Sand Processing, they risk crashing the game.

If the Dark Samus fight has not been triggered yet and Samus enters the room from the Dark Oasis portal, Samus will spawn facing backwards from the door connected to Sand Processing and will be immediately able to move. This skips having to wait a couple seconds for the portal's animation to be over.

Additionally, if the player unloads the room while the Dark Samus fight is ongoing, the room will be on an incorrect layer when it is reloaded, permanently breaking the room and rendering the Spider Ball track unusable.

Gamer's Day

Gamer's Day is a special debug layer that takes the player directly to the end of the game when activated. It skips the entire end credits sequence, including the end screen that includes the in-game timer, and the rest of the game for that matter. When activated, it asks the player if they want to save, and takes them to the main menu.

Opening the Gate Without Dark Beam

If the player has Screw Attack, it can be possible to open the gate that blocks access to the side of the room that contains the door to Storage D.

BSJ to Upper Level

There are multiple methods to get from the lower level of the room to the upper level without having to use the elevator, all involving the use of a Bomb Space Jump.

Early Missile Expansion

There are several gaps, including a small morph ball-sized hole, near the location of the missile expansion, which makes it possible to get it without needing Spider Ball.

Screw Attack Method

Using Screw Attack, it's possible to fit through the small hole and get to the missile expansion directly.

TODO: Add Video

Scan Dash Method

If the player doesn't have Screw Attack, this alternate method is also viable.

Roll Jump Method

This method takes advantage of the geometry of the luminoth corpse, which is just barely sticking out of the wall, allowing for a Slope Jump to be performed.

Climb to Ventilation Area A Without Spider Ball or Screw Attack

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Secret World

This Secret World is trivially easy to do, but it requires that Samus is in the small portion of the room that connects to Ventilation Area A. This means that either Samus needs to be able to use the Spider Ball track to get there, or she needs to have entered the room from that point to begin with. Depending on the layer, a luminoth corpse may or may not be there. If so, simply Slope Jump on it to land on the standable spot above, and jump through the ceiling out of bounds. If the corpse isn't there, a simple Bomb Space Jump will allow the player to get to the standable spot almost just as easily.

This secret world also works on the Trilogy version of the game.