Gathering Hall (Chozo Ruins)

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Connecting Rooms
East Atrium
Gathering Hall Access
Save Station 2
Watery Hall Access

This room has a dedicated Secret World page. For more information, see Gathering Hall SW (Chozo Ruins) and Gathering Hall SW (Chozo Ruins) (Wii).

Gathering Hall is a room located in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. It is a large, vertical room with a lot of interconnecting parts. The bottom portion of the room has three of the four connecting doors, with the way to East Atrium at the top of the room. Above the door to East Atrium is a missile expansion, which requires the Morph Ball Bombs to retrieve. The room also has a Secret World, which serves as the basis for Ice Beam Before Flaahgra.

The door to Save Station 2 is blocked, and requires a missile to open. In the Double IS route, it is imperative that this door is opened at some point before performing the Infinite Speed trick in Magma Pool, as this will allow for Lightshow to be quickly removed. In addition, this save station is also taken during segmented speedruns, so it is important to remove the blast shield there as well.

General Information

Room Layer Information
Poison Water
Clean Water

Defeating Flaahgra in Sunchamber disables layer "Poison Water" in this room, and enables layer "Clean Water".

Gathering Hall has many routes in all of the categories. Gathering Hall is an auto-load room, and loads in the sequence of: Gathering Hall Access, Watery Hall Access, Save Station 2, then East Atrium, in that order.

The missile in this room is sometimes referred to as the "kid's meal" missile. It is mainly gotten in the event that a runner wants to have extra missiles for the Sheegoth fight. If this missile is gotten, it loses 5 seconds.

Speed Tech

In Any%, the player must dash off of the Shriekbats on the right towards Watery Hall Access, then off of the Blastcaps to the door's left. On the first return visit, the player must climb the room, and shoot the Missile Shield on the Save Station for Lightshow Cancel after Magma Pool IS. Then, the player must go down to Arboretum after Incinerator Drone. If the player does not grab the Kid's Meal missile in Gathering Hall (often done in Segmented), it is faster to drop down, pause or open the map, then shoot the door and wait for it to open.

After cancelling Lightshow (using the pause/map trick on the save station door to save roughly 28 frames), the player can either boost through Gathering Hall or dash to the pipes as seen in this video. Laying a bomb in front of the door before rolling through and boosting to the save station is a faster strategy for those boosting back into Gathering Hall.

Kid's Meal Missile Timing

As shown in the video below, getting the missile in this room loses 5 seconds.

Wii Routing

TODO: Description

Secret World

This is one of the most important Secret Worlds in the run, as it is used to skip the puzzle in Energy Core and get to the Ice Beam early. See the page for Early Ice Beam to get an idea of how to do the wallcrawl.

With Space Jump

Use any platform near it to jump to the ubiquitous "Red Plant" in this room. Then jump towards the corner with a strange rock formation on it. Then simply use the slant on the rock to Slope Jump out of the level.

Without Space Jump

It is possible to do this secret world without Space Jump Boots by executing a difficult HBJ.

Traversing to East Atrium Door

Once on the seam of the room, the single most common thing to do is to head to the door leading to East Atrium. The video below compares three different strats that are used to do this.

And this video compares two other strats:

Quick Recovery Strat

There may also be instances where you fail to get on the ledge, or it knocks you off. If this happens, use the strat in this video to quickly get back up.

Fastest Room Times

Gathering Hall SW from East Atrium in 9.933